Select CBD

Our Story

It started in Portland, Oregon with a puff, then a bad cough, that led to a thought - why not make a safer cartridge? ... and then why not better CBD products?

The very first Select cartridge


We made a
better cartridge.

People liked it...a lot. But we knew we could do more.

We developed
better sourcing.

And as we continued to grow we thought, "Let’s just build a better company."

We built a
better company.

And we’re just getting started.

Our Values

More than just good intentions, our brand values are the foundational principles that guide our every behavior.


We test to the highest standards for potency and pesticides. Our extensive, 3rd party testing produces so much more information about your CBD product than we can fit on the label. Whether it's passing multiple safety and purity tests or detailing breakdowns of cannabinoids and terpenes, we have proof of it all.


Our partnership with farmers and ingredient sources is built with intent, integrity and transparency. Our CBD comes from hemp grown and sourced locally in the US, and in adherence to all US hemp agricultural and testing requirements.


We work tireless to ensure quality in our production, followed by further inspection through our quality control stations. Ensuring a full flavor and smooth feel without fail. Every time.


Our story started when our founder identified a cleaner, safer option for vaporizer pen technology. From there, we've worked to innovate and set standards around testing, company culture, brand and more. We're excited to expand our innovation to CBD.


We are constantly innovating for the future of the industry. All for a better cannabis experience, including high-quality CBD. And we promise to never stop getting better.